Electronics ...Electronics.... Electronics 10-10-03
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CRIME STOPPER - Vehicle Security Alarm with Remote Keyless Entry
  • 6 tone, 125dB electronic siren
  • LED in-dash status indicator
  • 4 programmable options for customizing system operation
  • Controls power door locks
  • Remote carjack protection
  • Audible passive arming countdown, on-board starter disable relay
  • Silent and audible arm/disarm modes, remote panic protection
  • Remote auxiliary outputs
  • Includes two 4-button remote transmitters


Your Cost: $75.95 EA

HIRSCHMANN - AM/FM Fully Automatic Universal Antenna
Universal front or rear mount
High torque, quiet motor
Telescopes can be replaced easily without removing antenna
Includes 0° to 30° mounting head and 5 additional mount head kits


$65.95 EA

CB Antenna

COBRA - 300 Watt Capacity 36" Medium Mount Magnet-Mount Antenna
Stainless-steel whip
High-performance magnet-mount antenna for sport utility vehicles, pick-ups-resistant base pad
Super Corona™ tip
Compatible with all CB and 10-meter radios
Tunable antenna


45.95 EA

Cell Phone Accessories

Kit includes: vehicle power charger, carrying case and hands-free headset
Retail $24.95



$21.95 EA

FIRST ALERT - 5" Vehicle Rear View System

5" green monitor for best visibility with 420 lines of resolution
Weatherproof 1/3" CMOS camera with 2.5mm lens and built-in mic
0.5 lux minimum illumination for low light operation
A/V output for recording
Mirror image function



$345.95 EA.

GARMIN - StreetPilot® III
Deluxe 12-Channel GPS with Turn-by-Turn Voice Prompts and Color Display
Automatically calculates routes and displays street names with voice prompted turns
Built-in detailed North American/South American basemap with interstates, highways 16-color backlit LCD screen
Accepts downloadable map detail from MapSource™ CD-ROMs for street-level detail
50 stored routes, 500 waypoints with icons, 2000 track log points
Trip computer with odometer, timers, average and maximum speeds
Continuously tracks and updates your position with use of up to 12 satellites
1-second continuous update rate, accurate within 50'
Uses 6 AA batteries
Includes MapSource City Navigator CD-ROM, 128MB data card, external speaker with DC adapter, dashboard and portable mounts,
USB data card programmer and PC interface cable and 12v adapter


849.95 EA.